1)  The Company does not accept liability for delays or increased costs caused by strikes, lockouts, accidents, machinery breakdowns or other causes beyond our control.


2)  We accept no complaint of any kind unless it is made in writing within 7 days after the time of supply to site of the materials or goods of which complaint is made.


3)  Goods sold by us shall be of the type shown on our quotation, and shall accord with the specification stated or as relevant by usage of the industry  for the types stated.  No higher specifications is to be implied.


4)  The maximum liability for goods found and agreed to be defective shall be free of charge replacement.  The Company shall have no liability whatsoever for the cost of lifting and re-laying products, neither shall it have any liability whatsoever for any losses or damages which may be sustained by the customer because of non-delivery in the due time or at all, part delivery or mis-delivery howsoever caused.


5)  We do not undertake to deliver or collect any load over roads or other ground which we consider to be unsuitable.  If a vehicle used for performing our contract with any customer delivers or collects a load to or from a place situated off a hard roadway, the customer is to be solely responsible for any accident or damage resulting in consequence, and the goods shall be at the customer’s risk so long as the vehicle is not entirely on a hard roadway.


6)  Time of delivery is not guaranteed without special undertaking.  Any programme given for delivery or collection of goods is given or agreed by the Company in good faith, and every endeavour will be made to comply therewith.  The Company shall not,

However, be liable for any loss or damage consequential or otherwise arising through it failure to make delivery by the due date or time.


7)  Goods to be unloaded by purchaser immediately on arrival.  The maximum time allowed on site is half an hour.  Thereafter waiting time will be charged at the prevailing rate per hour.


8)  The Company reserve the right to supply standard products from several or any works without prior notification.


9)  In the event of the customer not taking delivery of goods supplied specifically to design requested by the customer the Company reserves the right to charge for the goods.


10)   (i)  The property in goods shall not pass to the customer until all sums owed by the customer to the Company have been paid.

        (ii)  If the customer deals in goods in which the property has not been passed to the customer, he shall do so as the Company’s agent and shall be accountable to the Company for all monies received.

        (iii) The Customer hereby irrevocably authorises the Company to enter upon any of the customer’s premises for the purpose of recovering goods for which payment is overdue.


11)  Goods shall be at the customer’s risk between delivery and payment.


12)  All quotations are subject to the Company having the right to refuse to supply goods if they are not satisfied as to the credit worthiness of the customer.


13)  Payment shall be made within 28 days of the last day of the calendar month in which the goods were delivered.  If the customer defaults in payment of an invoice, all subsequent invoices shall become due for immediate payment even where they are les than 28 days old.


14)  If at any time before the goods are delivered to the customer, and whether before or after the customer has accepted the Company’s offer, the Company from any cause whatever increases or decreases the price in its price list for such goods, the Company may make a corresponding increase or decrease in the price of the goods supplied or to be supplied to the customer and such revised price shall be binding on the customer.


15)  Products delivered in accordance with the customer’s order but surplus to requirements will, if requested by the customer  and if kept by the customer in god condition, be collected and credited at two thirds ex-works value less reloading and haulage costs.


16)  Colours -  Attention is drawn to the fact that colour changes are expected as a result of weathering over a period of time and these vary according to the location and degree of the exposure to prevailing weather conditions.  We do not guarantee that colours will be identical with the sample submitted which is intended only as an indication of the surface texture and general colour classification.


17)  Agreed deliveries deferred or cancelled after dispatch but prior to off-loading, shall be charged the total haulage cost plus 10% of the goods value.


18) Any Variation to the Conditions must have written approval of a Director of Pavestone