installing Porcelain Paving

How to Lay Pavestone Porcelain Paving  

Installing Porcelain paving looks at first glance to be as simple as laying any other paving.

A key characteristic of porcelain is an exceptionally low water absorption value, so the paving tile will not draw in moisture to the same degree as other paving materials. This is a great benefit when it come to the surface resisting staining and staying looking clean.

However, this also means that the paving will absorb almost nothing from the bedding mortar. and therefore has an effect on how well the bedding might bond to the tiles. Without help porcelain tiles will not form a strong, sustainable bond to the mortar and so In order to ensure a good, strong bond each paving element needs to be primed just before laying with a priming slurry. It's easy to apply and doen't add excessive cost to the installation.

Download our "How to" guide to ensure you maximise the durability and pleasure from your landscaping investment prior to installing Pavestone Porcelain paving.

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