Porcelain Fixing Products

Installing Porcelain paving looks at first glance to be as simple as laying any other paving.

A key characteristic of porcelain is an exceptionally low water absorption value, meaning that the paving tile will not draw moisture to the same degree as other paving materials. This is a great benefit when it come to the surface resisting staining and staying looking clean. However, this also means that porcelain paving will absorb almost nothing from the bedding mortar and concequently, without help, porcelain will not form a strong, sustainable bond to the mortar bed. 





Pavestone Recommended Paving Priming SlurryPriming Slurry is designed to facilitate the strong bonding of non-pourous / low porous, porcelain and natural stone paving. To create the strong, sustainable bond required, brush primer slurry on the underside of each paving tile/slab just before laying. It's easy to apply and doen't add excessive cost to the installation.

Slurry Primer is not just for porcelain. Pavestone strongly reccommends using it to prime natural stone paving flags, just prior to laying, as it will significantly reduce the potential for 'picture frame' stains and patches from the cement in the base mortar being drawn up through to the face of the stone.

A polymer modified, cement based, slurry primer, specifically designed to meet the recommended performance characteristics of BS7533. Manufactured from a controlled blend of specially selected aggregates, cements, and synthetic polymers and only requires the addition of water to produce a high quality priming slurry for use to improve bond strengths of porcelain paving, natural stone setts and cobbles, flags, concrete and clay pavers.


Packaging: 25kg multi-wall paper sack

Coverage: 25 kg will cover approximately 19m2 of paving tiles/flags.


Pavestone Recommended SBR BondSBR is a additive that inproves the bond made between a paving stone and the base mortar.

Pavestone recommends adding SBR Bond to the base mortar mix when laying patio paving. It will enhance the life of the patio and significantly improve bond between the paving and the base mortar.

SBR Bond is a synthetic, rubber polymer, emulsion base mortar additive that improves:

Flexural strength

Tensile strength

Also reduces:


Water permeability

Say goodbye to paving slabs becoming loose after installation.



5 litre container

Approximate dosage: 40 – 100 L/m3

One 5 litre container is sufficient for 4m2 of base mortar when laid at 50mm thickness.





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