Natural Stone Products.

Pressure washing natural stone is not recommended as it may damage the joint pointing. Pressure washing may also damage the face of reconstituted stone and concrete paving.

We do not recommend any chemical cleaners be used on our products as this may invalidate any warranty offered. Instead we suggest that warm soapy water and a stiff broom be used should cleaning be required.

M-Coat® Products.

General cleaning of M-Coat® paving should be undertaken with a mop and bucket of soapy water as per a kitchen floor. Proprietary non abrasive kitchen floor cleaning and sterilising products may be used to clean or sanitise the paving.

Specific spillages of strong coloured products should be wiped off the paving immediately with a damp cloth to prevent any permanent damage.


Concrete Products

Never use De-Icing Chemicals or Salt during freezing winter conditions. The use can affect both the durability and the aesthetics of the paving. Use a plastic shovel or stiff brush to remove snow and ice. In extremely slippery conditions pure 'grit sand' with no salt can be applied to obtain grip.

The frequent use of pressure washers should be avoided as they can damage the face of the paving if concentrated on an area or if the water jet is too strongly pressured. Always test on an unobtrusive area prior to starting the cleaning process.

Sealing of Paving

To avoid grout or mortar staining natural stone flooring laid internally, it is recommended that a uniform treatment of a proprietary sealant be applied prior to grouting and again afterwards to fully protect the stone. The seal, which on porous stone may need up to four coats, will also provide a protective coating against wear in most light traffic situations.


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