Sawn Ash Sandstone Paving



Sawn derives its name from the sawn straight linear edges of each paving tile and reflects a stylish, opulent, contemporary feel to the landscape.

Currently trending as one of the most popular sandstone paving materials.



35 paving tiles per pallet.

1.8 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2

35 paving tiles (1 pallet) cover approximately 19.2m2 based on a 3mm jointing gap.


Laying Comments

It is always advisable to view your chosen paving prior to purchasing at your local stockist to fully appreciate the diversity of colours in each range.

For best results and to reduce possible salt staining from the base mortar on the face, we recommend that a Slurry Primer should be applied to the underside of the paving at the time of laying. Addition of SBR Bond as an additive to the base mortar mix will improve the bond of the stone and the longevity of your patio.

Sawn paving should not be butt jointed. A small gap is required for expansion and contraction of the paving, ideally about 5mm.

A traditional sand cement pointing mortar or Pointfix jointing compound can be used to point the paving.



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