Mude Wall Cladding

Pavestone Mude Porcelain Wall CladdingMude



Porcelain wall cladding is a new way to transform existing featureless walls into modern contemporary works of art. Alternatively if you don’t have the walls you need, then new walls can be constructed from cheap concrete blocks and faced with porcelain wall cladding to create an impressive artistic finish.

Porcelain cladded walls are fast becoming a new trend in outdoor and indoor wall décor. Typical projects internally are room walls, fire hearths and pillars and externally, planters, back walls, barbecues and water features. Pavestone’s Porcelain Cladding, perfect inside or out, residential or commercial.

Porcelain cladding is available in two colours, Solie (off white) and Mude (anthracite).


Pavestone Mude Porcelain Wall CladdingMude

Pavestone Soile Porcelain Wall CladdingSoile



600mm x 600mm x 10mm

64 cladding units per crate.

64 cladding units,  (1 crate) covers approximately 23.0 face metres.

2.8 cladding units covers approximately 1 face metre.


Porcelain Wall Cladding can be ordered specifically to the quantities required. If in doubt please contact us to calculate your requirement.

Complementary porcelain paving will add the finishing touch.



Porcelain Wall Cladding could not be simpler to install, no pointing is necessary, just bond them on the wall leaving no spaces. The units can be cut to facilitate corners, window frames, doors etc.



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