Maple Stone Flooring
Maple Sawn Paving

Sawn derives its name from the sawn straight linear edges of each paving tile and reflects a stylish, opulent, contemporary feel to the landscape.

Sawn paving has been hand-selected to create just the right hue to the three chosen contemporary stone colours: Chestnut, Ash & Maple.

Sawn Chestnut Natural Stone Paving   Sawn Ash Natural Stone Paving   Sawn Maple Natural Stone Paving
Sawn Chestnut   Sawn Ash   Sawn Maple


             Size (mm) 900 x 600 600 x600  
     No./  m2 1.83 2.73              
  No./ Single Size Pack 35 35  

A 35 piece Pack of 900 x 600mm covers 19.12m2 based on a 2mm jointing gap.

A 35 piece Pack of 600 x 600mm covers 12.82m2 based on a 2mm jointing gap.

Thickness 20mm +/-.


Sawn paving should not be butt jointed. A small gap is required for expansion and contraction of the paving. Ideally small joints, about 2mm, should be filled with a clean silver silica sand. Alternatively you can use a flexible jointing grout but care must be taken not to let it dry on the surface of the paving.

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