Walling & Cladding Adhesive

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Walling & Cladding Adhesive

Pavestone Tile, Wall & Cladding Adhesive is a high performance single part, quick setting, non slip, polymer modified, cement based tile adhesive, formulated to provide enhanced properties of adhesion to a variety of surfaces in interior and exterior situations.

Highly flexible, Pavestone Wall & Cladding Adhesive is ideal for fixing ceramic, fully vitrified, porcelain tiles, mosaics and natural stones.



External Solid Bed:  2.5 - 3m² per 10kg tub at 3mm bed depth.

Internal Notched Trowel:  Up to 5m² per 10kg tub at 3mm bed depth.



Normal Bed Thickness:  Up to 6mm

Usable time:  10-20 minutes at 20ºC
Setting Time:  Approximately 3 hours at 20ºC 

Grouting after fixing:  Approximately 3 hours at 20ºC 

Installation Temperature:  +5°C  to +30°C

Complies with BS EN 12004 C2FT S1



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Surfaces to be tiled should be rigid, dimensionally stable, sound, clean and free from contamination which may prevent adhesion.


Pavestone Priming Slurry can be used to seal dense concrete walling prior to cladding with stone or porcelain wall tiles. When using for this application allow newly built walls to fully dry out prior to proceeding. Once dry, paint the wall to be cladded with the Slurry Primer and allow to dry. The wall is now ready for cladding using Pavestone Wall and Cladding Adhesive.


Remove the plastic bag of powder and set to one side.

Pour in to the empty container, or clean mixing bucket, approximately 2 litres of clean cold water and add the powder slowly whilst stirring thoroughly until a creamy,  easily worked mortar is obtained. These mixing proportions are approximations only and care should be taken to reach the correct working consistency.

For large quantities, use a paddle attachment in a slow speed electric drill. Use immediately.


Bonding Walling Blocks Spread the prepared adhesive with the straight edge of a  notched trowel, to an approximate depth of 3mm, over the top face of the block.

Reverse the trowel and comb the adhesive with the notched edge, ensuring that  continuous horizontal ribs of adhesive are formed.  

Place the next block on top of the prepared face and exert mild downward pressure removing any excess adhesive from the edge of the blocks. Do not ‘dot and dab’ the adhesive.

Wall Cladding  Apply a bed of adhesive approximately 3mm thick onto the prepared substrate. Lightly comb through the surface with the notched trowel to create horizontal  ribs of adhesive half the depth of the adhesive. ‘Butter’ the adhesive on to the back face of the cladding tile with a trowel to a suitable depth up to the maximum permitted. Do not ‘dot and dab’ the adhesive.

Place the cladding tile with firm pressure and a slight twisting motion to ensure  good adhesion. A rubber mallet can be used to lightly tap each tile to ensure they  are fully bedded. Grouting can be undertaken after 3 hours.

Adhesive can be applied to a maximum depth of 12mm in isolated areas.

Exterior installations must be protected from rain and frost until the adhesive has  fully set. Where fixing is carried out in hot conditions, the finished tiling should be protected from direct sunlight to avoid premature drying.

When cladding newly built dense concrete block walling, it is advisable to  prime the wall first with Pavestone Slurry Primer. The wall must be fully dry  before priming. Paint the wall to be cladded with the primer and then allow the  wall to dry again before using Pavestone Wall and Cladding Adhesive.


Download document   Download Technical Data Sheet




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