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Tile Grout

Pavestone Tile Grout is a superior, colour-fast, flexible grout with anti-efflorescent, anti-mould and water repellent properties.

Designed specifically for porcelain paving, natural stone outdoor patios where a narrow joint is required and porcelain and stone wall cladding tiles.

Pavestone Tile Grout can accommodates both narrow and wide joint applications, has a smooth finish and excellent bonding capabilities to the tile edges. Once hardened it is unaffected by water, giving exceptional weathering properties and can even be used in and around swimming pools. Keeps your joints looking clean and fresh for many years.



Tub size - 10kg


Download: Pavestone Tile Grout Technical Data  Download: Pavestone Tile Grout Technical Data





Suitable for joint widths from 1mm to 15mm. Pavestone Tile Grout is rapid setting and available in six colours.


Pavestone Porcelain Tile Grout Colours

Tub size - 10kg




Tile Size (Format)

Joint Width

Joint Depth

Coverage Kg/m2

10Kg Tub Coverage m2

200 x 400mm 3mm 14mm 0.63 16
200 x 400mm 5mm 14mm 1.05 10
200 x 400mm 10mm 14mm 2.10 5
600 x 600mm 3mm 20mm 0.40 25
600 x 600mm 5mm 20mm 0.66 15
600 x 600mm 10mm 20mm 1.33 8
900 x 600mm 3mm 20mm 0.33 30
900 x 600mm 5mm 20mm 0.55 18
900 x 600mm 10mm 20mm 1.12 9
900 x 900mm 3mm 20mm 0.27 37
900 x 900mm 5mm 20mm 0.44 23
900 x 900mm 10mm 20mm 0.89 11
1000 x 500mm 3mm 20mm 0.36 28
1000 x 500mm 5mm 20mm 0.60 17
1000 x 500mm 10mm 20mm 1.20 8
1200 x 300mm 3mm 20mm 0.5 20
1200 x 300mm 5mm 20mm 0.84 12
1200 x 300mm 10mm 20mm 1.67 6
1200 x 600mm 3mm 20mm 0.3 33
1200 x 600mm 5mm 20mm 0.5 20
1200 x 600mm 10mm 20mm 1.0 10

Download: Pavestone Tile Grout Technical Data  Download: Pavestone Tile Grout Technical Data



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