Porcelain Tile Protector

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Porcelain Tile Protector

A pre-grouting treatment for use during porcelain paving installation which protects the porcelain paving tile against difficult to remove when dried on surface grout residue.

Pavestone Porcelain Tile Protector protects the porcelain tile without altering the paving tile characteristics.

A further coat can be applied after grouting, which will help with the removal of everyday stains from organic matter.


Available in 1ltr & 5ltr




   1 ltr  5 ltr 
Low Porosity Surfaces 30m2 150m2



Ensure surface to be treated is completely clean, dry and free from dirt, grime, cement and grout. If necessary, first wash surfaces with a dilute solution of Pavestone Patio Cleaner 1:5 Rinse well to remove residues and leave to dry


Before grouting apply evenly to the surface using a broad paint brush, foam roller or light pressure sprayer. Allow to dry for 30 minutes. Apply a second coat. Leave to cure for a minimum of 1 hour before grouting or pointing.  Once pointing is dry and all residues have been removed a further coat of protector can be applied covering the joints as well.

Hard to remove dried on cement stains can be removed using Pavestone Cement &Grout Residue Remover.  Hard to remove stains from jointing compounds can be removed using Pavestone Resin Residue Remover.


Download Pavestone Porcelain Tile Protector Technical Data     Download Technical Data Sheet



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