SBR Additive

Pavestone SBR Bond


SBR Bond is a synthetic, rubber polymer, emulsion additive that improves both flexural strength and tensile strength, while also reducing mortar shrinkage and water permeability.

Packed in a 5 litre container.



SBR Bond can be used in one of two ways to make a good bond between Porcelain or low water absorption natural stone paving:

  1. Adding SBR directly to the base mortar mix when laying the paving. This will enhance the life of the patio and make for a strong bond between the paving and the base mortar. However, it is not a cheap option and therefore option 2 is most usually preferred.
  2. Using SBR to make a slurry primer or 'bonding bridge' to apply to the underside of the paving prior to laying. This will make for a good bond between the paving and the base mortar bed.


Used as a mortar additive

  • Add four of the 5 litre containers per cubic metre of bedding mortar.

One 5 litre container is sufficient to make 5m2 of base mortar when laid at 50mm thickness.


Used to make a Slurry Primer

  • Dilute SBR Bonding Additive with an equal volume of water.
  • Mix to a smooth creamy consistency with ordinary Portland Cement. 
    The approximate mix is 1 part SBR: 1 part water: 5 parts cement (by volume).

    i.e. 25kg cement & 1 tub SBR & water.


One 5 litre container is sufficient to cover 30m2 when brushed vigorously to the underside of the paving to an approximate 1mm thickness. Should the slurry dry then a further coat must be applied so as to install the paving whilst the slurry is wet.


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