Porcelain Fixing Products

Laying Porcelain paving looks at first glance to be as simple as laying any other type of paving.

Don't worry it really is! 

However, there are few key differences important to note:


Pavestone Priming Slurry PRIMING SLURRY

A key characteristic of porcelain is an exceptionally low water absorption value, meaning that the paving tile will not draw moisture to the same degree as other paving materials such as natural stone or concrete paving. This is a great benefit when it come to the surface resisting staining and staying looking clean. However, this also means that porcelain paving will absorb almost nothing from the bedding mortar and consequently, without help, the porcelain paving tile will not form a strong, sustainable bond.

Pavestone Priming Slurry has been designed to facilitate the strong bonding of non-porous or low porous, porcelain and natural stone paving. To create the strong, sustainable, bond required, simply brush primer slurry on the underside of each paving tile/slab just before laying. It's easy to apply and will not add excessive cost to the installation. The use of Priming Slurry is essential to ensure the tiles remain permanently fixed and don't become loose.

Download Pavestone Priming Slurry Technical Data Sheet  Download Pavestone Priming Slurry Technical Data Sheet

Pavestone Porcelain Tile Protector



A pre-grouting treatment for use during porcelain paving installation which protects the porcelain paving tile against difficult to remove when dried on surface grout residue.

Pavestone Porcelain Tile Protector protects the porcelain tile without altering the paving tile characteristics.

A further coat can be applied after grouting, which will help with the removal of everyday stains from organic matter.


Download Pavestone Porcelain Tile Protector Technical Data Sheet  Download Pavestone Porcelain Tile Protector Technical Data Sheet  



Pavestone Tile Grout is a superior, flexible grout with anti-efflorescent, anti-mould and water repellent properties.

Designed specifically for porcelain and natural stone outdoor patio paving and wall cladding tiles.

Accommodates both narrow and wide joint applications, has a smooth finish and excellent bonding capabilities to the tile edges. Once hardened it is unaffected by water, giving exceptional weathering properties and can even be used in and around swimming pools.

Pavestone Tile Grout is available in seven colours.


Pavestone Grout - a choice of seven colours to complement all colours of porcelain paving tiles

Download Pavestone Tile Grout Technical Data Sheet  Download Pavestone Porcelain Tile Grout Technical Data Sheet