Patio Sealer

Why not protect your investment?

Lithofin is renowned in the stone industry for its scientifically advanced products that seal & protect your natural stone patio paving.

Pavestone has selected two specific Lithofin sealing products that will ensure your patio keeps on looking good year after year.


Lithofin Colour Intensifier

Colour Intensifier

Colour Intensifier is a ready-to-use siloxane impregnator, solvent based and contains special colour intensifying components.

Penetrates into the surface rendering it is water repellent while at the same time intensifying the colour without producing any gloss.

Surfaces appear more colourful and fresh – "wet effect".

The water resistance reduces the sensitivity of the surface, largely preventing staining and facilitating maintenance. Colour Intensifier does not form any layers, thereby maintaining the surface's water permeability. also the slip resistance of the surface is hardly affected by applying Colour Intensifier.

Pavestone recommended patio sealerStainstop W

Stainstop W is a solvent free impregnator which protects patio paving against the penetration of oil, grease, dirt and water, and largely prevents staining.

The product penetrates into the surface and forms an extremely thin, invisible film in the capillaries. The appearance of the treated surface is either unaffected or only slightly altered.

Suitable for sealing most natural stone paving, including as polished and rough, hard stones, honed limestone, concrete and terracotta paving.


Not suitable for use on marble and other acid sensitive stones with a polished surface and all types of porcelain patio tiles.




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