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Lithofin is renowned within the stone & porcelain industry for producing scientifically advanced products that clean and maintain both natural stone and porcelain patio paving.

Pavestone has selected a specific range of Lithofin cleaning and maintaining products to ensure your Pavestone patio keeps on looking good year after year.

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Pavestone recommended stone cleanerBERO

Natural stone paving often contain traces of iron, which may oxidise when they come in contact with water either through rain or cleaning. The result of this oxidation is that the stone develops rust and discolouration.

Lithofin BERO is specifically formulated to remove these blemishes.

Lithofin BERO chemically changes the rust particles, thereby removing rust discolouration regardless of whether it is a result of the iron in the stone or of environmental influences.

Cement residues and similar dirt are also removed.

Suitable for use on sandstone paving.

Lithofin BERO must not be used on polished or fine honed marble and limestone, engineered stone or other acid sensitive surfaces.

Pavestone recommended patio cleanerRust-EX



Mildly alkaline cleaner for removing rust stains and residues of metal oxide.

The reactive compounds work on the rust and transform it into water soluble particles. The reaction becomes visible through a purple discolouration.
The resulting particles can be rinsed off with water. Lithofin Rust-EX does not change the appearance of the surface and can therefore be used on single stains.

Causes for these stains may be iron containing fertilizers, metal garden furniture, leaking heating systems, etc.
Suitable for porcelain, sandstone, limestone, granite and concrete patio paving.


Pavestone recommended Patio Cleaner



ALGEX is a water-soluble cleaning concentrate based on high quality surfactants. The product is free of chlorine and acid.

Removes common dirt and soiling caused by plants as well as slippery green deposits. Terraces, staircases, walls, etc. made of quarry tiles, plaster, stone, concrete, and wood can be cleaned and cleared of algae coatings.

Also has a preventative effect, keeping surfaces clear of new green deposits for up to one year.

Suitable for cleaning all natural stone, porcelain and concrete patio paving. Also use for cleaning outdoor areas, such as steps, paths and terraces, walls, roofs, wooden fences, etc.

The ideal preventative treatment against green, slippery deposits.

Pavestone recommended Patio CleanerWAX-OFF


WAX - OFF dissolves organic dirt such as wax, oil, grease, tar, fresh paint, sealants, care product residues, etc. and allows them to be removed with water.


Suitable for removing oily and greasy dirt deposits from solvent resistant surfaces such as sandstone, limestone, granite, porcelain and concrete patio paving.

Can be used indoor and outdoor.

Also suitable for removing silicone jointing compounds and resin residue from resin based 'brush in' jointing sands.

Pavestone recommended patio cleanerOutdoor Cleaner


Outdoor Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner based on chlorine compounds. Works fast and thoroughly, without attacking the substrate.

Removes stubborn green and dark stains caused by trees or flowers from all surfaces.

Suitable for sandstone, limestone, granite, porcelain and concrete patio paving to immediately restore to the original colour. Can also be used on walls and wooden decking and stairways.


Pavestone recommended patio cleaner

Builders' Clean


Builders' Clean removes cement residue from newly installed patio paving surfaces. Also used for thoroughly cleaning weathered patios and for removing rust and rust discolourations.

Prevents rust discolourations, which occasionally appear when cleaning iron containing stones.

Suitable for all acid resistant natural stones such as silver and grey granites, most sandstones (except Light Grey) and slate paving.

Not suitable for polished and finely honed paving stones, limestones, marble, light grey sandstone, blue and black granites and concrete paving.

Always try the product in an inconspicuous area prior to use.


Pavestone recommended patio cleaner


Power-Clean is free of hydrocarbons, low in odour and economical in use.

It is a mildly alkaline cleaner, which contains a balanced mixture of cleaning components which guarantee optimal performance.

Power-Clean quickly and effortlessly removes grease and oil, all kinds of general and ingrained dirt as well as floor polish residues, old acrylic emulsions and care products.

Suitable for use on polished, finely honed and rough marble and all natural stone, porcelain and concrete patio paving

Pavestone recommended patio cleanerIntensive Cleaner

A strong cleaner for the removal of very stubborn, engrained dirt and for regular use on vitrified ceramic and porcelain floors in high foot traffic areas.

Do not use on polished marble, aluminium, varnishes, and other surfaces sensitive to alkali.

Always try the product in an inconspicuous area prior to use.


Pavestone recommended porcelain patio cleanerCeramic-Clean

Ceramic-Clean is a high-yielding concentrate based on a proven and balanced combination of active acids and high quality cleaning compounds. The product works thoroughly yet mildly, does not leave any residues and has a pleasant smell.
Lithofin KF Ceramic-Clean removes surface residues such as calcium, lime and dirt deposits, soap scum and greasy residues, rust, etc. The surfaces will gleam without polishing and the pleasant odour emphasizes the hygienic cleanliness.

For every-day maintenance cleaning porcelain patio tiles.

Not suitable for polished marble and limestone.


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