Moodul Walling
Installation Guide

A Guide to Installing Moodul WallingA step by step guide to installing Pavestone Moodul Walling and the tools required for the installation.

Moodul is a contemporary modular building block, innovatively designed to allow the creation of stunning features in your garden.

Moodul adds new dimensions to your landscaping project and building with Moodul is as simple as childs play!

Moodul is so much more than an ordinary building block. With Moodul you can create a structure that's as functional or as artistic as you want. From a simple wall to an attractive planter, from a basic bench to a complete outdoor room. Moodul lets you go even further with a range of add on accessories. So you can easily hang a flower box on your wall, build a shelf or create seating, all without drilling.


Pavestone Moodul Walling Blocks


Download the Pavestone "How to install porcelain paving guide".  Download the Pavestone  'Guide to Installing Moodul Walling' 



Walling Block

600mm x 300mm x 90mm

32 blocks per pallet

32 blocks (1 pallet) covers approximately 1.8 face m2.

Walling Blocks are available singularly

18.5 walling block covers 1 face m2


Cover Stone

600mm x 300mm x 75mm

48 Cover Stones per pallet

48 Cover Stones (1 pallet) covers approximately 28.9 linear metres.

Cover Stones are available singularly

1.67 Cover Stones to 1 linear metre


Laying Comments

Building with Moodul building blocks is very simple and the creation of garden features such as planters, fire pits and dwarf walling can be done simply by stacking the blocks.
This allows you the freedom to change your gardens structure from time to time by moving or redesigning features. For structural walls above one metre in height it is advisable to use mortar or building block adhesive.

For more information see the Moodul Brochure

Fancy a change? Then simply move it around season to season.