Pointfix Jointing Compound

Pavestone PointfixPointfix

Pavestone Pointfix is a superior two pack multi-use jointing and repair compound. One pack contains epoxy resin within a sand compound and the other pack containing an epoxy hardener within a sand compound.

Once thoroughly mixed together the jointing sand cures to create a permanent hard jointing material. The 50/50 mixing ratio means you only need to mix what is needed, cutting down on waste.

There are no liquids or powders to measure and mix in, so mixing and applying Pavestone Pointfix is much cleaner and easier than traditional sand and cement mortar.

Pavestone Pointfix is specifically designed for pointing and infilling between many types of surfaces including concrete paving, natural stone paving, brickwork and stonework.

If it has rained, is forecast to rain, or is raining, completing a traditional sand & cement pointing project is a major problem.

Pavestone Pointfix eliminates this problem as it can be applied even when the paving is wet and you can even carry on pointing when in the rain.

Available in 5 colours, Mushroom, Buff, Grey, Brown and Black, to perfectly complement every paving shade.

Pavestone Pointfix jointing compound available coloursPointfix is suitable for jointing most natural stone and concrete paving materials. 


Pavestone Pointfix Instructions Brochure

Pointfix Jointing Compound Instructions  Download: Pointfix Information leaflet