Jointing Grouts

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Jointing Grouts

Pavestone Tile Grout is a superior, colour-fast, flexible grout with anti-efflorescent, anti-mould and water repellent properties.

Designed specifically for porcelain paving, natural stone outdoor patios where a narrow joint is required and porcelain and stone wall cladding tiles.

Pavestone Tile Grout can accommodates both narrow and wide joint applications, has a smooth finish and excellent bonding capabilities to the tile edges. Once hardened it is unaffected by water, giving exceptional weathering properties and can even be used in and around swimming pools. Keeps your joints looking clean and fresh for many years.

Pavestone Porcelan Tile Grout


Grout is rapid setting and available in six colours.

Pavestone porcelain grout colour ranges




Tile Size (Format)

Joint Width

Joint Depth

Coverage Kg/m2

10Kg Tub Coverage m2

200 x 400mm 3mm 14mm 0.63 16
200 x 400mm 5mm 14mm 1.05 10
200 x 400mm 10mm 14mm 2.10 5
600 x 600mm 3mm 20mm 0.40 25
600 x 600mm 5mm 20mm 0.66 15
600 x 600mm 10mm 20mm 1.33 8
900 x 600mm 3mm 20mm 0.33 30
900 x 600mm 5mm 20mm 0.55 18
900 x 600mm 10mm 20mm 1.12 9
900 x 900mm 3mm 20mm 0.27 37
900 x 900mm 5mm 20mm 0.44 23
900 x 900mm 10mm 20mm 0.89 11
1000 x 500mm 3mm 20mm 0.36 28
1000 x 500mm 5mm 20mm 0.60 17
1000 x 500mm 10mm 20mm 1.20 8
1200 x 300mm 3mm 20mm 0.5 20
1200 x 300mm 5mm 20mm 0.84 12
1200 x 300mm 10mm 20mm 1.67 6
1200 x 600mm 3mm 20mm 0.3 33
1200 x 600mm 5mm 20mm 0.5 20
1200 x 600mm 10mm 20mm 1.0 10


Suitable for joint widths from 1mm to 15mm.


Download: Pavestone Tile Grout Technical Data    Download: Pavestone Tile Grout Technical Data



Mixing Ratio:  Approximately 3 volumes of powder into 1 volume clean water 

Consistency of Mix:  Firm smooth paste

Working Life:  45-60 minutes dependent on temperature

Set Time:  3 hours dependent on temperature

Installation Temperature:  Minimum 5ºC

Operating Temperature:  -20ºC to 100º





Ensure tiles are firmly fixed and joints are clean, free of dust, excess adhesive or bedding mortar and any other contaminations that might hinder the adhesion of the tile grout.

In hot, dry conditions joints should be damped, not soaked, before grouting. Tiles which have been fixed to impervious surfaces such as dense concrete block walls should not be grouted for several days after completion of fixing so as to allow the moisture from the adhesive to dry out through the joints. Grouted swimming pools should remain empty for  3 weeks before being filled with ‘balanced water’. Please refer to the current Pavestone Tile Grout datasheet for full information prior to commencing work.


Remove the 2.5kg plastic bags of grout from the bucket and put to one side.

Pour into an empty container, or clean mixing bucket, approximately 600ml of clean,  cold water for each 2.5kg bag of grout to be mixed. Add the powder slowly whilst  stirring thoroughly until a smooth creamy, easily worked mix  is obtained. These mixing proportions are approximate only and care should be taken to reach the correct working consistency. If you need to add extra water, the proportion of grout to water MUST be the same for subsequent mixes to ensure colour consistency.

All joints MUST be dry and free from moisture or debris before grouting.

Higher temperatures will shorten the working time.


Using a rubber faced float grouter, work the mixed grout mortar thoroughly into the joints ensuring they are completely filled. Remove surplus grout as work proceeds and clean off at regular intervals with a clean damp sponge before the grout sets. The joints should be finished off as flush with the tile surface as is practicable.

When re-grouting an existing installation ensure the old grout has been thoroughly raked out of the joints, taking care not to damage the edge of the tiles.  

Avoid getting grout into the surface of tiles with a rough or textured surface. 

Excessive use of water when mixing or during application or cleaning, overworking the grout in the joints or forced drying may cause shade variation and must be avoided.

Polishing of the tiles is best carried out with a clean, dry cloth and should begin only when the grout has set firm enough not to be damaged (Approximately 3 hours).

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