In the unlikely event of our products reaching you in a less than satisfactory condition, please notify your supplier immediately, who will be happy to organise replacement product for you.


Natural Stone Products

Defects, in any Pavestone landscaping product, that effect the product functionality and appear within one year of purchase, will be corrected either by replacement product or corrective maintenance. Rectification may, or may not, include assistance to rectify depending on the circumstances.

Consequential losses will not be accepted under any curcumstances.


Concrete Paving

Defects affecting the product functionality, that appear within one year of purchase, will be corrected by way of replacement product and may or may not include some assistance to rectify depending on the circumstances.

Efflorescence. Pavestone does not accept efflorescence to be a product defect. Efflorescence is a characteristic of  'good quality' concrete, having a high cement content. This phenomenon is recognised by an apparent loss of intensity of colour and the appearance of a milky white surface bloom. The effect usually fades over time and is not detrimental to the performance of the concrete functionality.

Never use de-icing chemicals or salt during freezing winter conditions. The use can affect both the durability and the aesthetics of concrete paving. Use a plastic shovel or stiff brush to remove snow and ice. In extremely slippy conditions pure 'grit sand' with no salt can be applied to obtain grip. The  use  of  de-icing  salts/chemicals  will  invalidate  any warranty and claim.

The frequent use of pressure washers should be avoided as they can damage the face of the paving if concentrated on an area or if the water jet is too strongly pressured. Always test on an unobtrusive area prior to starting the cleaning process.

All Pavestone products have CE certification and comply with the necessary product characteristics and requirements within the United Kingdom and European Union.

Please note that if any Pavestone landscaping product is knowingly laid with a defect apparent prior to laying, we reserve the right not to replace the product and not to accept any responsibility for costs incurred to rectify.

Pavestone reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. Products or services described on this web site are supplied subject to Pavestone UK Limited Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Pavestone Landscaping Warranty Information Document

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