Colour variation in natural stone products

Pavestone strongly recommends that you visit your local Pavestone stockist prior to purchasing your chosen natural stone paving to see the stone laid out.

Natural stone paving is coloured, naturally, by nature and significant variations in colour will be found when comparing individual paving stones in a pack. Only when the paving flags are viewed as a mass area will the overall colour effect be seen.

Buying from photos, catalogues, websites or seeing one or two sample paving flags is not advised unless you have previous experience of the products being purchased.

We recommend that natural stone paving is always at first 'dry laid' prior to permanent installation so as to gain the consumers and / or the contractors acceptance of colour, quality and texture. Colour claims cannot be considered  once the product has been mortared in to place as permanent fixing constitutes acceptance of the product.


Download a guide to colour and shade varations in natural stone patio paving


Understanding Shade Variation Natural Stone Paving Download our natural stone shade variation guide