Modern Slavery Poliicy


Modern Slavery and Labour Rights


Modern Slavery Statement

Pavestone UK Limited (the company), operates businesses under the names of Pavestone, Bekstone and Paving Direct, trading in the UK and employing some 120 employees.  We are an importer, manufacturer and distributor of domestic landscaping materials through a UK supply chain. Much of the product we supply is sourced from Europe, Asia and South America, which is in addition to UK raw materials we source for our manufactured products.

Pavestone pledges to conduct its procurement, manufacturing and trading functions, with honesty and integrity and to treat all people ‘touched’ by our business with dignity and respect. We have committed to comply with all applicable international and local laws, regulations, treaties and to observe the basic human rights of all involved in our supply chain. Pavestone has a zero-tolerance approach to any form of slavery within our supply chain and audits specifically to safeguard against use of child labour, bonded or forced labour, any form of coercion, deception, abusive power control, or exploitation of any individual. Our collection of policies concerning human rights have been created from and are heavily influenced by the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base code and our ongoing work identifying where risks may lie and how we seek to negate them. They reflect and embed our commitment towards upholding all human rights. Pavestone was a founder member of the ETI Stone Group, established to share and promote best practice in tackling workers' issues within the stone sector.

Pavestone employees responsible for sourcing and managing our suppliers are tasked with ensuring that our company values and ideals are upheld. This continues to be a work in progress and we seek to strengthening our understanding and influence continually , this includes modern slavery questions within our due diligence questioning and training/raising awareness communications amongst employees. Our staff and suppliers totally understand that any serious violations of the ETI Base Code that forms the basis of our supply agreements, may lead to the termination of the business relationship. To date we have not had to implement this sanction.

Controls are in place within Pavestone to ensure employees have the right to work and are protected by employment legislation. This includes checking right-to-work documents, visas and passports. Additionally, we also verify that employees have supplied a proof of address/residence in the UK.

Basic rights which we expect all employees to have access to, include:

  • The right to a reasonable wage (e.g. UK Living Wage)
  • The right to a safe working environment
  • The right to an appropriate level of holiday and cover for period of sickness
  • The freedom to complain directly without fear of repercussion.

Our modern slavery and human trafficking statement, has been approved by the Board of Directors.

Jon Layton
Chief Executive Officer
Pavestone Group of Companies