David Domoney talks Water Blades - A Garden Soundtrack

Water Blades in your Pavestone garden

Water Blades

Transform a wall into a beautiful focal point with constant cascading water and soothing sounds. A water blade feature will enhance so many elements to your space, satisfying your senses by incorporating movement and sound.

Wonder wall of water with Pavestone


Install a water blade feature to create a stunning sheet of water that flows into a reservoir. The sight of water cascading with the sun glistening off the surface is a magical element to add to the garden. Whilst the sounds of running water will add an air of relaxation and tranquillity to your garden soundtrack.


Sophisticated water blade in a Pavestone garden

Sophisticated Simplicity

Not only do they look simple and sophisticated, but they are easy to install too. All that’s necessary is to mount the feature into a wall, connect to a hose and then you have a wonderful waterfall. Fit it above a pond to create a feature that looks great, whilst even oxygenating the water. Alternatively, mount it into a wall with pebbles and a reservoir below so the water can be collected and recycled back to the top by a pump.


Matteuccia Struthiopteris

Embellish the bottom of the wall with pebbles and plants that cope well with wet conditions. For example, Matteuccia struthiopteris (shuttlecock fern) which will happily grow in shaded, wet sites. They are a great low maintenance pick for the garden, adding an elegant appearance and complementing the peaceful atmosphere.


Small and subtle water feature in your garden

Built up

Give your water wall the best foundation by ensuring the backdrop fits your garden style. If you have an existing garden wall that you want to give a face-lift, Slate Stack wall cladding is well-suited. Choose from the darker tones of Blue/Black, or warmer shades of Rusty that incorporates red and brown hues.


Make a big splash with Pavestone

Splashing Out

This solution is an easy and inexpensive way of transforming an old wall into a feature in itself. When the cladding is in place, top it with slate paving to add that finishing touch as well as a spot to perch to enjoy the steady flow of water. The smooth, riven surface of the slate is a rustic, yet classic choice.


Classic water feature with Pavestone

Alternatively, for something that feels a little more quintessential to suit a cottage style garden, the shades of Cottage Walling reinforce that worn, but timeless appearance. The white natural stone paving of Cotswold looks stunning when paired with the enchanting flow of water where the brightness will shimmer in the sun.


Natural stone and water in the garden by Pavestone

Practical plans

All that’s necessary is to ensure the surface is easily accessible and sturdy. The lip of the water blade should stick out around 3cm from the wall to create the desired flowing effect. However, there are extended versions if you require the feature to be mounted deeper into the wall or if you would prefer the lip to stick out further.

Another important consideration is how high to position the feature, as fitting it higher will increase the chances of the water being blown by the wind. Try to keep the fountain at the maximum height of around 1.5m. Otherwise, the shape of the cascading water will also be impacted, creating a ‘tailing’ effect.


Stone, water and light with Pavestone

Lights on

Although the glimmer of the sun on the water through the day has a peaceful effect, it’s ideal to incorporate lighting to add something special when the sun has set. The simplicity of water blade features makes them perfectly suited for a contemporary garden and can be further enhanced by integrating LEDs or spotlights. You can either buy a cascading waterfall that has LED lights installed or add them retrospectively. For extra depth that will have a great impact, fit simple spotlights behind the waterfall. Then, in the darkness, you can still see and hear the serene and soothing movement of water.


Make it moody with Pavestone

Soothing sounds

The sound of water has the power to relax us and de-stress us. So, by having this element in your garden, you are one step closer to enjoying the positive effects of water. Don’t stop there though. Surround the space with ornamental grasses that can sway in breeze to add to the relaxing soundscape of the garden.


Water Blades in the garden with Pavestone


Evergreen planting in the Pavestone garden

Evergreen, Carex elata (Bowles’ garden sedge) ‘Aurea’ has bright yellow foliage year-round. It is a low-maintenance pick that thrives in moist or wet soil in a sunny or partially shaded position. Alternatively, add texture with Stipa tenuissima (Mexican feather grass). Another architectural choice, this deciduous grass will grow to 60cm tall with feathery flowering panicles through summer. Ornamental grasses are perfect for further softening the area, adding elegance to the space.

Satisfy your senses by bringing the magic of water into the garden. The tranquil sound of flowing water and the sight of it glimmering in the sun will add an enchanted atmosphere to your space.


This month I've selected a video which features a 'blade of water'. I particularly love that relaxing, gurgling soundtrack, which creates an air of tranquility. The perfect addition to a well planned garden landscape.

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I look forward to seeing you back again next month.

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