David Domoney takes a look at, the ever more popular, home swimming pool phenomenon

Swimming pool paving by Pavestone

Pool Paving

Home swimming pools are rising in popularity. In fact, they were voted as one of the top dream garden features this year.

Make your dream a reality by creating a space where you can immerse yourself in the fresh, cooling water of your own pool, making the most of the warm spring and summer weather.

Choose the perfect pool paving to create an outstanding 'wow' feature in your garden. A special area not only for entertaining, but also a relaxing space.

Oasis of Pleasure

Create an oasis in your back garden with a sleek and sophisticated pool. The sandy tones of Pavestone’s Regal pool paving are reminiscent of white sandy beaches. Whether you want cooler hues of ‘Summit’ or would rather add depth to the surroundings with the darker brown tones of ‘Oasis’, they will provide a luxurious finish. Similarly, Piazza paving offers the same shades, but a lightly textured surface to further enhance the anti-slip qualities.

Pool Paving Chic with Pavestone



Pools aren’t just for contemporary style gardens - in fact, traditional and cottage gardens can look striking with a pool space. Relaxing amid the wild planting schemes and borders full of herbaceous perennials mixed with edible plants, can have an enchanting effect.


Contemporary Cool by the Pool with Pavestone


Contemporary Cool Pool

Antico pool paving has fettled edges for a distinctive look and a hand-cut appearance, unlike many other porcelain paving options. It has a finish that roughens the surface, so it gives plenty of good grip when wet. ‘Quartzite’ incorporates cream and brown shades that are sure to suit a traditional garden design. Whilst ‘Granite’ is on hand for a dark blue-black aesthetic that will contrast beautifully with the soft effects of greenery surrounding the space.


Swimming pools in a cottage garden setting with Pavestone


Traditional Cool Pool

Introducing a large feature such as a pool into the garden will take up quite a bit of space. Soften the surroundings with plants that will not only enhance the space but help you to create a holiday atmosphere.


Poolside Planting with Pavestone

Poolside Planting

What’s a beach holiday without palm trees? Hardy palms are fantastic for adding structure and architectural interest to your garden.

When grown in Britain, hardy palms prefer a sheltered but sunny spot. Another great thing is there are many types that can be grown in containers. Chamaerops humilis (dwarf fan palm) is a striking evergreen with fan shaped leaves to add texture and height to the garden where they can grow to 2.5m tall. Happy to grow in a container, position them in a spot with partial shade with well-drained loam-based peat-free compost.


Planting the Pavestone patio


Planting by the Pavestone pool

To enhance the tropical atmosphere of your garden, hardy ferns are a great choice to complement the space.

The strap-shaped leaves of Asplenium scolopendrium (hart’s tongue fern) will thrive in a shaded space with any moist but well-drained soil type. Through the year remove any dead or damaged fronds to keep the evergreen looking neat and tidy.

For a fern with beautiful ornamental fronds, the semi-evergreen Dryopteris dilatate (broad buckler fern) has arching foliage. Again, this will flourish in a shaded space, but will tolerate a sunny spot if given plenty of water.

Plantng around the Pavestone patio


Relax and chill by your Pavestone pool



Then you can position your bistro set or sun loungers nearby so you can gaze up through the foliage and take in the sights, smells, sounds, and textures of your garden.


Pool Coping by Pavestone


Having the Edge

Complete the look with pool copings and the natural stone options.

Choose from wide or narrow coping, in colouring that will either complement or contrast with the stone slabs with great effect. The rounded coping stones for internal and external corners make it simple to achieve a sleek and refined finish.

Coping with swimingpools and Pavestone


Pavestone anti-slip paving


The range of pool patio stones are all anti-slip for peace of mind when damp and in wet weather. This means you can make the most of your pool in the summer in safety, without the need to worry about them through the winter.


Keep your patio paving looking good with Pavestone patio treatments


Patio Treatments

Keep the space looking its best with a patio cleaner that will ensure your patio stays in its prime. Suitable for sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, concrete and porcelain patio paving, the cleaner removes stubborn dirt and grime. By diluting the solution with warm water and applying to the surface, scrubbing then rinsing, your patio can be kept in tip-top shape.

By keeping your paved areas clean and cared for they will look fantastic over many years of service.

See the full range of patio treatments by Pavestone to keep your paved areas looking good!


Check out the full range of Pavestone patio treatments to keep your patio looking goood.

This month I've selected a video which whilst does not feature a swiming pool, could easily have done so. I just thought the materials used would be ideal for a poolside retreat area?


There are many more inspirational garden videos featured here for you to explore.


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