David Domoney explores the latest lockdown trend - Your Garden Bar

It's been a long winter. A blog by Pavestone March 2021

It's been a long winter

Staying in is the new going out, and over the past year our gardens have become even more of a space for escapism and relaxation. Get ready for summer soirees with a standalone outside bar that can be used as a social space through those warmer months. Create a menu of summer drinks for the family using homegrown herbs and fruits.

Rosemary in your gin and tonic with Pavestone

A Sprig of Garden rosemary in your gin & Tonic?

Whether you are starting from scratch or are hoping to regenerate an existing structure in your garden, there are an abundance of ways to create a fun and functional space.

Build a garden by with Pavestone Moodul walling


Create your own home bar

It’s essential to work on a solid and secure surface, so the bar has the best support. This doesn’t just need to be practical, because choosing the right base for your bar is part of the design after all.


Pavestone patio with beer on tap


A Patio pint

Opt for an attractive and durable paving like Limestone with soft riven faces that are available in three different shades. Abbey delivers sandy hues for a timeless appearance, whilst Black Kadapha is fit for a contemporary space with its darker tones or meet in the middle with the blue-grey tomes of Kota Blue that will give a classic, sophisticated finish.


Pavestone Moodul Walling gives your garden a contemporary feel.

Built in Fire, built in bar, built in bbq

To create the structure of your bar, there are many ways you can go about it. Use wooden pallets, timber, and decking boards to create home-made character. Bear in mind that it’s best to build with wood on a dry day, so plan ahead to ensure there is no chance of showers.


A patio with the best view in the world by Pavestone


Beer garden views

You can even modify a shed into a bar-like structure by adding a plywood counter where the window would be with ample support from below. This counter should extend out of the front to where bar stools can be positioned. On the interior of the shed, create an L shape for the counter, which is the space used to prepare drinks with plenty of storage space underneath. Then, use another section of marine plywood to form a bar counter flap inside with hinges to add another level of authenticity to your home-made bar.


Pavestone Slate Stack Walling makes for a great patio feature wall


Your hideaway

Alternatively, for a more robust feeling, you can create a structure from stone. Construct a wall with concrete blocks to create the desired shape. Think creatively, do you want a straight bar, L-shaped or a horseshoe arrangement?


The sophisticated Pavestone garden patio has a bar complete with fridge


BAR no mod cons

Then, add Slate Stack Wall Cladding, to add a classy and impressive finish. The variety of colours in ‘Rusty’ are sure to suit the garden style that you have, with fiery shades of orange and red complemented by the cooler white-grey and darker slate tones. Finish by choosing the material of your surface, a dark wood can have a really striking impact and adds a natural element to the design. Once this has been fitted, the main structure can be open for orders.


Build a working kitchen in your garden with Pavestone


get close to the action

Once the main structure has been constructed, you can put your mark on the space even more by embellishing with finishing touches to add personality. If you are opting for a themed space such as a tropical tiki-bar, or a nautical nook, add chairs, cushions, and throws to tie-in. Or, if you are hoping that the design will unify your interior and exterior themes, bring similar elements from your living spaces outside.


Slate Stack Wall Cladding gives a garden kitchen class


garden storage

Enhance your garden bar by incorporating some nature into the space – it is an outdoor bar after all. Get the best of both worlds by growing plants that can be used in your delicious drinks on the menu. For cocktail lovers, position a herb garden nearby so you can have your pickings of mint, basil, and lavender to hand.

Pavestone Slate Wall Stack colours


Srawberries fresh from the garden and sampled on the patio


Pick your own

Grow strawberries in a container, even in a hanging basket from your bar. Plant up the bare-root runners in a soil-based compost on top of a layer of gravel to aid drainage. Feed the plants with a tomato fertiliser and water regularly and you’ll have juicy, red strawberries ready to pick in summer. Add them to cocktails, mocktails, or to spruce up lemonade.

Garden Herbs for your drinks in the garden

Creating a standalone bar in your garden is a great way of adding an exciting element to your space that can be used for entertaining through the year. It’s perfect for sociable families through the summer, and you can make adjustments to ensure it’s a cosy space when the weather is cooler too.

Pavestone Style landscape features buidling


Setting the bar high

This month I've selected a video of a fantastic garden patio project, paved with Pavestone Granite Porcelain, patio paving. This patio overlooks possibly the most spectacular views I have ever seen from a garden patio.

Whilst we can't all have such such a spectacular garden to work with, I'm sure like me, you can appreciate the pure beauty of this space and the contemporary hard landscaping that works so well with it. I hope you enjoy watching the video and that I may have inspired you with thoughts towards your garden landscaping project.


There are many more inspirational garden videos featured here for you to explore.

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I look forward to seeing you back again next month.


David Domoney is a Pavestone Ambassador