Inside Out Paving?

Pavestone inside out paving

Inside-Out Paving

When it comes to paving our outdoor and indoor spaces, we are trying to strike a balance between functionality and form. We want it to look great, but also stand up to everyday use. The right product can make all the difference; starting at the bottom and choosing fine flooring will put you in good standing, and the rest of your décor will fall into place.

Pavestone porcelain tiled patio balcony

Patio perfect

Flagstone patios look really striking, both in contemporary and classic garden settings. The large pavers work especially well in large spaces and, crafted from natural materials, they really resonate exotic outside living—it’s practical and opulent at the same time, drawing you outside to the possibility of evening’s spent eating alfresco with friends.


Pavestone large paving elements for large paved patio areas


Pavestone stone flags for in the homeINSIDE OUT

The great thing about this product is that it can be used inside and out. And it can look really quite impressive having one style emulating from your interior floors out into the garden too. It streamlines the design of the two spaces and brings them together aesthetically. When the flooring flows freely from one to the other, patio doors are all that separates internal living spaces from the great outdoors. And there is no better way to make an entrance than with flagstone floors.

As a host, imagine your guests stepping in from the crisp outdoors to be welcomed by a warm and inviting hallway. Tudor Antique paving can be used, to great effect, as indoor flooring to create a wonderful warm radiator of heat when combined with an under-floor heating system.

Adding a rug will enhance the warm tones in the flooring, so the room still feels cosy and inviting for when you want to relax and recuperate.

Pavestone Antique Cathedral paving with time-worn featuresOUT INSIDE

The rounded corners and riven surface of Pavestone’s Tudor Antique product give it a time-worn and rustic feel, but the uniform effect is immaculate and pleasing the eye.

This design versatility gives you endless possibilities when it comes to creating a patio that’s right for you; able to be coupled with urban lounge sets for modern living, or cottage-style porch swings.


Make a garden kitchen with Pavestone landscaping products

Pavestone small element porcelain paving to make a cosy outdoor resting area


Pavestone pet friendly paving stone

Functional flags

Not only does this flooring solution boast fantastic design option, it’s really practical too. Generally, we steer clear of carpets in the kitchen, dining and bathroom areas. Any splashes or spillages are much easier to wipe away from natural stone compared to struggling to remove stains from synthetic fibres. Kitchens and bathrooms are spaces that we want to feel clean and fresh, so the surface should be stylish and spotless. Stone floors are great for this, a quick flick of the broom and they’re debris free. This hardy, yet natural, stone is considered pet-friendly and it’s riven surface allows stability when outside in slippery weather too.

The most common example of flagstones we see today are in period properties or historic buildings as early as the 14th century, but these modernistic recreations give you Classic Flagstone tiles that are hand-selected and consistent in their measure to allow ease of layering so that your characterful floor stones are easy underfoot.

Seal your Pavestone paving to give it a long life of looking great

Upkeep and care

Regularly sweeping or mopping the floor to clear dust and debris is a great start to maintaining your flooring. Using soap and water with a sponge will help remove organic stains. To help prevent staining over time, it’s best to seal the floor every 2 or 3 years. This Natural Finish Stone Sealer protects the stone from water, oil and grease, whilst still allowing the surface to breathe. The sealant will also subtly enhance the colours of the flagstones, highlighting the warm tones further. Scratches to the floor can be caused by sand and grit but placing mats in doorways or highly frequented areas will give that extra bit of protection from materials being brought into the house from outside.

Pavestone inside and outside paving

Selecting flooring that goes the extra mile gives you the opportunity to customise the character of your home and blur the boundaries between inside and outside. Whether it’s for decoration or functionality, the natural stone flooring range from Pavestone has a lot to offer in polishing the use of your patio and property.

David Domoney, TV gardener, horticultural expert and Pavestone brand ambassador blogs monthly on the Pavestone website on all things landscaping related. We look forward to seeing you back again next month.

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