Lasting First Impressions

Why is it important to have kerb appeal even if you are not selling your house?


Creating kerbside appeal doesn’t have to just be for the benefit of prospective buyers. It adds to the outward image of your home and ensures that viewers, visitors and even family members will approach your property in a positive frame of mind. So let’s look at why it’s so important and ways for quick wins…


Natural stone driveways are the ultimate in good looks!



Don’t forget, you’re not selling a house, you’re selling a lifestyle! According to a recent study, a whopping 73% say greener streets make them feel happier, 59% say they would feel healthier and 58% say they would feel calmer with planted areas along the road. Plants in the garden, whether inside or out, at the front or back of the property, have a fantastic ability to promote healthier living. We’re drawn to green spaces because we know plants contribute to cleaner air and even encourage mindfulness.

Driveway planting gives good kerb appeal


Front Gardens

Our front gardens give an opportunity to contribute to your community too. In fact, many communities who have rallied together to transform communal spaces found that it actually helped reduce anti-social behaviour and gave a sense of community pride instead. The same goes for your home.

Planting in the garden for mood enhancing

Some plants are actually burglar deterrents, like berberis, holly, mahonia and Pyracantha (firethorn), which has spiny branches to stop intruders in their tracks. So, there’s a lot to be gained by embracing the greenery and planting up the parts of your property that are on view.

Planting a burglar deterrent in your garden

Burglar deterring plantsPlants that will deter a burglar

Keeping costs low

A low-cost option to keep in mind are spring bulbs. Everyone looks forward to that first pop of colour come springtime, and early flowering varieties are sure to be an eye-catching addition. Daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, crocus and even snowdrops can be potted up in containers or in window boxes, or even naturalised into grassy sections of the garden.

Spring planting with low cost options

Spring Planting

There’s a lot you can do to make your garden stand out without spending too much money. Hanging baskets made up with brightly-coloured seasonal plants always looks lovely. And you can choose fragrant varieties so that they give an extra something when hung at head height.
Else, a garden revamp is the perfect excuse to repurpose some household items. For instance, broken or unused wellington boots can be used as planters and fixed in place to add seasonal interest at very little expense.

Planting for a colourful welcome

Easy fixes

Evergreens are a smart choice. They’ll give greenery all year round, so while the other houses on the street are looking bare of leaves, your hedgerows will remain verdant.
Keep things simple wherever possible. A highly manicured garden can look really impressive, but many buyers may feel that the upkeep is a big commitment. Also bear in mind that you will need to consistently keep on top of garden care to ensure that your garden looks cared for.
Try and do little and often. Each day, survey the space and tidy up any debris, fallen leaves, or worm casts in the lawn that may be cluttering the space. It’s also an idea to keep an eye out for any repairs to fences or other garden structures that can build up over winter. A lick of paint can be all it takes to make your garden pop with colour.

Keeping your driveway clean

Clean Driveways

Even if you’re not moving on from your abode, you may want to consider tarting-up your home frontage. Having a driveway that’s designed in keeping with your property’s unique style and construct is a sure-fire way to extend a warm welcome, but also adds practicality into your everyday.

If you don’t want to makeover the whole driveway, consider some driveway edging—which creates a distinctive edge to finish off borders and boundaries to great effect.

Pavestone’s Rumbled Kerbstone product is designed to have the necessary edging to support a paved area and is available in two colours, Brindle and Charcoal. This not only looks great but provides a practical barrier to prevent vehicles from damaging your garden.

Landscape your garden and add value to your house

The whole package

And it’s not just front gardens, according to new research by Post Office Money, landscaping your garden could increase your property value by a whopping 77%! If you’ve spent some time jazzing up your front garden, it’s always sensible to carry this through to your back garden, side entrances and other parts of the plot. The idea is to create a look that’s streamlined from the inside-out. It’s an extension of your home, so it should be in keeping with the style of your property, in order to appeal to the same buyers and not look mismatched.

A little investment now can pay dividends for the year ahead. So, no matter what your particular home goals are, a home-grown green makeover is the way to truly boost your kerbside charm.

David Domoney, TV gardener, horticultural expert and Pavestone brand ambassador blogs monthly on the Pavestone website on all things landscaping related. We look forward to seeing you back again next month.


David Domoney, TV gardner, horticultural expert and Pavestone ambassador