Natural Stone & Concrete Patio
& Driveway Paving.

Pressure washing natural stone and concrete paving is not at all advisable as it can dislodge the jointing material and in the case of concrete paving will damage the decorative face of the paving and expose the aggregate within the concrete. Paving should first be cleaned with warm soapy water and if stubborn staining persists then we can supply specialist cleaning materials, scientifically designed for specific products and cleaning solutions.

Many 'general purpose' patio cleaners that are available through Builders Merchants, High Street shops, DIY and Garden Centre outlets, can do permanent damage to your patio paving leaving the surface stained and ruined for life. Because they are generalist cleaners produced by manufacturers who are not stone specific experts, they use predominantly strong acids or bleach as a 'fix all' solution and gambling that may work to some degree. The Pavestone range of sealers, cleaners and restorers have been scientifically designed using cleaning agents specific to the stone or concrete to be cleaned, sealed or restored.

We recommend only the use of Pavestone patio and driveway cleaners on our natural stone paving. The use of any other cleaners may invalidate any warranty offered. Always try warm soapy water and a stiff broom as a first option.

Never use de-icing chemicals or salt during freezing winter conditions. The use can affect both the durability and the aesthetics of paving. Instead, use a plastic shovel or stiff brush to remove snow and ice. In extremely slippery conditions pure 'grit sand' with no salt can be applied to obtain grip.

Mosaic Paving featuring M-Coat®.

General cleaning of M-Coat® paving should be undertaken with a mop and bucket of soapy water as per a kitchen floor. Proprietary non-abrasive kitchen floor cleaning and sterilising products may be used to clean or sanitise the paving.

Specific spillages of strong coloured products should be wiped off the paving immediately with a damp cloth to prevent any permanent damage.

Sealing & Restoring of Natural Stone and Concrete Patio Paving

We recommend only using Pavestone Patio Sealers on our paving. The use of any other sealers may damage your paving and invalidate any warranty offered.

Some paving, particularly black limestone fades to grey after a short while. Pavestone Black Stone Rejuvenator and Sealer restores the appearance of all types of faded dark grey and black natural and artificial stone including limestone, marble, slate and concrete pavers.


Maintenance of Pavestone Paving

Pavestone General Maintenance for your patio document  Download the Pavestone General Maintenance Document