How To Grout Porcelain Paving



So you have bedded down the porcelain paving tiles and the patio is really taking shape. Don't ruin the job now! Take a moment to consider the jointing as this really 'makes or breaks' the quality feel to the finished patio. Don't use short-cut brush in jointing compounds on porcelain. A brush in jointing compound will not last the test of time and may need replacing several times over the life of the porcelain. Use a good quality porcelain paving grout such as Pavestone Tile Grout. It's been designed for use outdoors with our porcelain tiles and offers vibrant colours that stand the test of time. Pavestone grout deters algae and fungal growth keeping the patio looking good for longer.
They are very easy to use and after practice and a little patience to build your confidence will help you to achieve first class results every time.

Mark Brown, Pavestone's resident expert landscaper, guides you through the process. Following Mark's guidance will help you avoid costly remedial work later, like trying to remove dried grout from the face of the tiles.

We hope you enjoy watching this video and find the process educational.