Black Granite Setts


Pavestone Silver Granite Patio & Pathway Paving SettsSilver Granite  (Thickness 40-70mm)



Pavestone Carbon Granite Patio & Pathway Paving SettsCarbon Granite  (Thickness 40-70mm)



Granite Setts are blocks of granite stone that are hand cropped to achieve a cobble stone which can be used for courtyards, pathways or simply as a retaining edge complimenting paved areas.


Stone Setts have rustic features such as 'time worn & weathered' faces, rounded edges and can be used to create period settings full of character.




Single Size Crate

100mm x 100mm (approx)

700 setts per crate (approx)

700 setts (1 pallet) cover approximately 7.8m2 based on 10mm typical jointing gaps.


Laying Comments

It is always advisable to view your chosen paving prior to purchasing at your local stockist to fully appreciate the diversity of colours in each range.

Setts must be laid on a full wet bed of mortar. We strongly advise an SBR additive be included within the mortar mix and that the underside of the setts are brushed with Priming Slurry at the point of laying. This will strongly enhance the strength of the stone bond and extend durability and lifespan of the final job.

Use a traditional sand cement mortar to point and use SBR additive in the mortar to enhance the bond and strength.

Each of the colour swatches reproduced in this brochure demonstrate the overall hue of a paved area. The natural colour variation of individual paving flags will vary when viewed individually.