Carbon Granite Porcelain

Available in two monochrome colours, reproducing perfectly the classic look of the best selling two textured natural granite paving flags, without the high maintenance associated with a natural stone and having all the advantages of porcelain tiles.

When laid the Granite porcelain is almost undetectable from the natural stone product it replicates, in colour, texture and feel. However, unlike it's natural stone counterpart, will remain looking clean and 'just laid' for many years, without the scrubbing, cleaning and sealing associated with the maintenance of natural stone.

Finished with an R11, anti-slip finish, the latest development to meet the growing demand for porcelain outdoor paving. This unique finish roughens the tile surface without changing its appearance giving good grip underfoot in damp and wet weather.

Key features of Granite porcelain:

  • R11Anti-slip Finish.
  • Granite porcelain paving will not be affected by the seasonal weather changes and will not deteriorate in freezing weather conditions that can see some stone surfaces deteriorate gradually.
  • Porcelain Patio Tiles are resistant to acid and alkali chemicals such as fertilizers and lawn treatments. Moss and algae cannot get established as they can on stone.
  •  Granite porcelain paving will not experience colour fading. Blacks will stay black and not turn to grey, light colours will stay light colours and will not turn grey/brown.

In summary they will stay looking aesthetically as laid for many years with minimal cleaning maintenance.