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Porcelain Pool Coping

Pool Copings

Natural stone pool copings are readily available as stock items.

Porcelain pool copings are bespoke made to order items. Please contact us for details.


Pavestone Summit Patio Paving Bullnose Step Pavestone Summit Bullnose Edging  
Wide Coping - Summit Narrow Coping - Summit  
Pavestone Summit Patio Bullnose Step Corner Pavestone Summit Bull Nose Patio Internal Corner  
External Corner - Summit Internal Corner - Summit  



Designed to compliment most natural stone pool paving, these light coloured steps have a rounded 'Bullnose' leading edge.

Copings can be used with a contrasting paving to highlight the pool edge.

To facilitate corners we have either external or internal corner units.



Wide Coping

600mm x 400mm x 40mm

44 coping tiles per pallet

Available as single Copings.


Narrow Coping

600mm x 150mm x 30mm

100 coping tiles per pallet

Available as coping pieces.


External Corners

400mm x 400mm x 40mm

44 paving tiles per pallet

Available as single coping corner pieces.


Internal Corners

600mm x 600mm x 40mm

22 copings per pallet

Available as single coping internal corner pieces.


Laying Comments

For best results and to reduce possible salt staining from the base mortar on the face, we recommend that a Priming Slurry should be applied to the underside of the paving at the time of laying. The base mortar should contain SBR Bond additive included within the mix to ensure a good bond. 

Steps should not be butt jointed. A small gap is required for expansion and contraction of the paving, ideally about 2-3mm.

A flexible jointing grout should be used but care must be taken not to let it dry on the surface of the paving.