Rock Wall Porcelain Cladding

Rock Wall Porcelain Wall Cladding by Pavestone

Inspired by natural walling this rugged and rustic
cladding interlocks easily to produce a seamless look of
pure stone at its finest.



400mm x 160mm x 8-12mm

Available as single tiles.

15.7 cladding tiles covers approximately 1 face metre2.

Porcelain Wall Cladding can be ordered specifically to the quantities required. If in doubt please contact us to calculate your requirement.

Complementary porcelain paving will add the finishing touch.



Porcelain Wall Cladding could not be simpler to install, no pointing is necessary, just bond them on the wall leaving no spaces. The units can be cut to facilitate corners, window frames, doors etc.

Pavestone recommends using Pavestone Walling & Cladding Adhesive to bond the cladding.