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Tudor Oxford


Pavestone Tudor Oxford Sandstone Flooring



Tudor Oxford is full of character. Each tile has been hand selected for its character so as to recreate timeworn flooring as seen throughout the historic buildings of bygone years.

Tudor Oxford is perfect for use with under-floor heating systems.

We recommend sealing your floorstone using a proprietary floor sealant. Sealants not only will protect your stone from spillage staining but also can enhance the colours in the stone and assist in the creating of an ‘aged’ 'polished' appearance.



Contractor Pack (Pallet)

900mm x 600mm (13 pavers)

600mm x 600mm (13 pavers)

600mm x 290mm (13 pavers)

290mm x 290mm (9 pavers)

48 paving tiles per pack

48 pieces (Pack) cover approximately 15.00m2 based on a typical jointing gap of 10-14mm.


Single Size Pallet

Tudor Oxford is also available in 1200mm x 600mm

30 paving tiles per pallet

1.4 paving tiles cover approximately 1.0m2

30 paving tiles (1 pallet) cover approximately 21.9m2


Thickness 20mm Calibrated