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Burford Walling


Burford reconstituted stone walling makes building work easy and is a realistic alternative to locally quarried stone. Your finished project will look, feel and age just as natural stone but at a fraction of the cost.


Bekstone Buff Black Walling Colour Swatch

Buff Black


Bekstone Buff Brown Walling Colour Swatch

Buff Brown


Bekstone Golden Buff Walling Colour Swatch

Golden Buff


Bekstone Grey Walling Colour Swatch



Bekstone Ironstone Walling Colour Swatch



Bekstone Natural Light Weathered Walling Colour Swatch

Natural Light Weathered


Bekstone Oolite Walling Colour Swatch



Bekstone Yate Grey Walling Colour Swatch

Yate Grey


Finishing Options


Split has a slightly uneven finish to its face which looks similar to rough hewn stone. It's often preferred to brick due to the range of course heights and lengths. It can be laid in either a coursed pattern or to create a more authentic appearance use two or more course height blocks.


Burford Pitched WallingPitched is similar to naturally quarried and dressed stone. It has a rough raised profile that produces the subtle, authentic rugged appearance of traditional tooled stone found in many Limestone and Sandstone areas. It is available in a range of block heights, lengths and colours and is found in many rural and urban areas.

Burford Pitched WallingTumbled stone has a rough irregular shape and finish that replicates old weathered stone. It is especially popular in rural areas such as the Cotswolds and the South West. It is an authentic cost effective alternative to natural stone that is readily accepted and approved by local planning authorities and conservationists.

Burford Tumbled WallingCoverage

Supplied on pallets in three size ranges:

65mm x 229mm x 102mm

415 bricks per pallet

415 bricks (1 pallet) covers approximately 7.4 face metres

56 bricks covers approximately 1face metre


65mm x 305mm x 102mm

309 bricks per pallet

309 bricks (1 pallet) covers approximately 7.3 face metres

43 bricks covers approximately 1face metre


104mm x 305mm x 102mm

153 bricks per pallet

153 bricks (1 pallet) covers approximately 7.2 face metres

22 bricks covers approximately 1face metre


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