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Arabica Mosaic
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Victoriana Mosaic
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Arabica Mosaic
Image for Arabica Mosaic
Arabica Mosaic
Image for Arabica Mosaic
Arabica Mosaic
Image for Arabica Mosaic
Arabica Mosaic
Image for Arabica Mosaic
Arabica Mosaic


Pavestone Victoriana Decorative Concrete Paving TileVictoriana


Pavestone Arabica Decorative Concrete Paving TileArabica




Mosaic paving utilises the latest technology in surface printed concrete paving enabling the stunning recreation of small Victorian mosaic tiles but in a convenient 600 x 600mm paving flag to facilitate the easy laying.

Small-element paving tiles are back in fashion and the Pavestone Mosaic range represents an affordable alternative to the original tiles. This paving comes with a number of different patterned slabs to facilitate more design options. Use them to add a decorative feature to a large paved area, for fine detailing to brighten up a dark corner or to create a paved area in a small town house.
The rustic and warm coffee colours of Arabica conjure up a delightful and idyllic countryside atmosphere, whilst the cooler colours of the Victoriana project a cool calmness as if by a pool.

Mosaic paving is equally suited to a modern, contemporary garden setting or traditional garden.

Benefiting from an M-Coat® protection application means they will be highly resistant to the splashes and stains that spoil traditional concrete paving. Algae & moss also find it difficult to adhere to the tough coating keeping the tiles unspoilt.

Key benefits:

  • Frost-resistant
  • Algae and moss resistant
  • Efflorescence free
  • Stain resistant 
  • Easier to clean



Single Size Packs

600mm x 600mm x 30mm

34 paving flags per pallet

Available as single paving flags.

2.8 paving flags cover approximately 1.0m2

34 paving flags (1 pallet) cover approximately 12.23m2


Laying Comments

Mosaic paving should not be butt jointed. A small gap is required for expansion and contraction of the paving, ideally about 2-3mm. A flexible jointing grout can be used but care must be taken not to let it dry on the surface of the paving.

Never use rock salt or de-icing salts on concrete paving. Salt corrodes and destroys all concrete through a chemical reaction and in addition will exaggerate the natural freeze thaw cycles that erode the surface of concrete.


Never pressure wash any type of concrete paving as it will erode the decorative face of the paving to expose the aggregate within the concrete, ruining the appearance. Only use warm soapy water or a good quality cleaner such as Pavestone Patio Cleaner.