Pavestone Manhattan Paving

Manhattan paving offers a fresh, clean, minimalist, contemporary feel in keeping with modern architecture or gardens.

Manhattan tiles benefit from M-Coat® protection that means they will stay looking clean and will be impervious to splashes and stains even red wine. Algae & moss also will not be able to penetrate the tough coating so they really will stay looking like new and that’s guaranteed!

Manhattan can be used internally to create a seamless transition of flooring from garden to kitchen or conservatory.

  • Frost-resistant
  • Algae and moss resistant
  • Efflorescence free
  • Stain resistant 
  • Easy clean                                         
Pavestone Manhattan Black Pavestone Manhattan White
Manhattan Black Manhattan White


Sizes (mm) 800 x 400 600 x 600
Number per m2 3.13 2.78
Number per pallet 52 26

 Straight edges. Thickness 40mm.

We recommend close jointing these products with silver silica sand brushed into the joints to finish. Cement mortar should not be used for close jointing.

10 year guarantee

Paving guaranteed to stay looking good for 10 years!

Your patio is an extension of your home, a place for children to play, a place to party, a place to relax. So you may want to keep it spotlessly clean, if so then there is no better paving solution than Pavestone Contemporary Paving.

Many of us have spent a lot of money having beautiful new patios laid with good looking concrete paving only to become disappointed when efflorescence (a stubborn ‘salt’ like residue) appears a short while after being laid, and a few years later when the paving becomes faded, stained and tired looking. Thanks to a unique coating, each slab has an amazing dirt-repellent transparent protective layer. Dirt just doesn’t have a chance to ingress the surface. Even fat and oil from your barbecue won’t penetrate the protection.

To clean the patio, simply mop over with soapy water or a proprietary floor cleaner as you would do your kitchen floor to leave it spotless and hygienically clean for the next family activity.

Pavestone Contemporary Paving is not only stylish and easy to clean but has been designed with considerations to protect it from the elements that seek to deteriorate and blemish ordinary paving slabs. During the winter, water ingresses into the surface of conventional paving slabs and as temperatures fall to below freezing the water turns to ice and expands. This expansion causes the surface to erupt and results in tiny pin holes. This process repeated over the many frosts of a winter leaves conventional slabs with a rough texture, spoiling the surface and allowing algae and dirt to adhere.

Pavestone Premier Paving with its unique protective coating won’t allow the ingress of water and so preserves the beauty of the paving even through the harshest winters. With no rough surfaces, algae and moss cannot adhere either and so your patio remains as good as new!

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