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Fairford Circle



The classic weathered appearance and natural looks of Fairford Paving provides for a timeless patio which is suitable for relaxing or entertaining.
The shallow riven profile provides an ideal base for your patio furniture ensuring that tables and chairs will sit firmly on the paving.


Fairford Circles have a squaring off kit available.

2400mm diameter circle (two rings) stand-alone circle.

With the squaring off kit the feature covers an area a 2700mm2.


Laying Comments

flexible jointing grout can be used but care must be taken not to let it dry on the surface of the paving. Alternatively use a traditional sand cement pointing mortar.

Never use Rock Salt or De-Icing Salts on concrete paving. Salt corrodes and destroys all concrete through a chemical reaction and in addition will exaggerate the natural freeze thaw cycles that erode the surface of concrete.

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