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As you browse through our website, we hope you'll be inspired to find the perfect materials for your dream project. Our home flooring and garden landscaping collection has been specifically selected to help you find exactly the right colours and textures to realise your dream.

But what if we could help bring this experience to life?

New for 2017, with the magic of drone technology we can take you on a tour of these pages for real without leaving the comfort of your home.

Simply click on the pictures below to be whisked off on an exclusive flight in and around our inspirational landscapes to see for yourself what can be achieved in your own home or garden.

We will be adding more ‘Fly Thru’ videos to the website throughout 2017 so keep checking for updates.

Pavestone Raj Blend Fly Thru Video   Pavestone Old Black Fly Thru Video
Raj Blend Patio   Light Grey Patio
Pavestone Dolomite Dust Porcelain Paving   Pavestone Dolomite Moon Porcelain Fly Thru Video
Dolomite Dust Porcelain Patio   Dolomite Moon Porcelain Garden
Pavestone Regal Summt Fly Thru Video
Pavestone Brindle Pavesett Block Paving
Regal Summit Garden   Brindle Driveway Block Paving


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