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Composition, Chemical and Physical Characteristics

All Bekstone products, e.g. Split, Pitched and Tumbled Reconstructed Faced Stone, Paving and Architectural Stone Dressings, are all manufactured by compacting a mixture of Natural Aggregates. Calcium Carbonate Oolitic Limestone, Portland Cement and Water, pressed into moulds to produce the required shape and strength. Natural Aggregates are produced from naturally occurring rock, sand and gravel deposits and consist of combinations of various minerals including quartz, Admixtures may be added to improve production techniques on the properties of the finished products. Coloured pigments are added to colour the product when required.

Main Hazards

All Bekstone concrete products are inert, but the edges can be sharp and abrasive. Machine cutting of concrete products creates a dust which may contain quartz. If inhaled in excessive quantities over long period this could constitute a long-term health hazard. During cutting or similar activity, overalls/eye/face protection should be worn, use dust masks. Respiratory protective equipment to BS2901 Type 5 with extraction equipment.

Consideration should also be given to the weight of some of the larger units, i.e. Architectural Dressings.

Protective Clothing

Protective clothing should be worn when handling concrete products, e.g. shoes and gloves. Respiratory protective equipment to should be worn when using mechanical cutting equipment as should protective eyewear as particles can be projected at high velocity, with consequent risk of impact damage and/or injury, particularly to exposed areas of the body and eyes.

Transport and Storage

The carriage of Bekstone Concrete Products is not subject to hazardous substance conveying regulations, and vehicle labelling is not required. The products should be off loaded on level ground. Care should be taken when stacking.


Unused concrete products are inert, but should be disposed of in accordance with Local Authority Regulations.

First Aid Measures

First Aid treatment is as follows:

Eye Contact

Immediately rinse under running water and attend the doctor


Cuts/Abrasions from natural aggregates should be cleaned and treated, using the normal first-aid method. Wounds must receive prompt medical attention.

In all doubtful cases, medical advice must be obtained.

The information contained in this sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge at the date of issue. It is intended as a guide of safety requirements only and it is not a specification or guarantee of specific properties. We recommend customers consult the Health & Safety Executive website, , for specific H&S information prior to commencing a project in order that a proper assessment may be made of all risks involved.

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