Pavestone Launch UK First!

Hybrid 3D Printed Concrete Paving

Looking for a practical, sturdy and hard wearing paving for your garden patio?

Or would you prefer a more decorative or a designer paving solution?

Why settle for one when you can have them all?

The new Pavestone range of Hybrid Concrete Paving combines unique groundbreaking state-of-the-art 3D print reproduction, the latest in 'anti-stain surfactant technology' with a superior long-lasting high density concrete.

Be astonished!

Pavestone Hybrid Concrete Paving will really amaze you. You can create a truly impressive luxurious patio for surprisingly little cost as it's so economic to install! Now you can choose paving that looks like timber, porcelain or expensive natural stone, however with Pavestone Hybrid Concrete Paving it will be far cheaper to install!

   Hybrid Concrete

Pavestone Hybrid Concrete Paving is so easy to maintain too. Simply wash paving surface with clean water and some added detergent.

It's often said that a patio paved with natural stone or wood decking can be difficult to keep clean and looking as new. Not anymore! With the unique anti-stain technology, M-Coat protection and a superior, long-lasting concrete our 'easy to clean' Hybrid Concrete Paving is comparatively maintenance-free. So forget about dirt and grime, simply wash it away with clean water and a proprietary detergent. Say hello to a surprisingly good, clean look!

You can enjoy your new patio, worry free, thanks to a full 10-year warranty against efflorescence, algae greening and frost damage with M-Coat protection.


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